Vizantrop 2019


Četvrtak 13.6


17:00 Courage 
18:20 Emails to my Little Sister
19:00 - 19:30 Opening Ceremony
19:30 Red Earth White Snow
20:45 Ghetto PSA
21:00 Mute Howl (Q&A)
21:40 Aagaswadi



Emails to my Little Sister

Red Earth White Snow

Ghetto PSA

Mute Howl (Q&A)


Petak 14.6


14:00 Waving two flags

14:15 In the Devil’s Garden 
14:40 Bloody Phanek 
15:30 Subjective knowledge of the circles
15:40 Eliamani’s Homestead 
16:00 Lecture - Vanja Ristić
17:00 After Prayers
18:00  What the Wind Took Away
19:15 - 19:30 pause
19:30 - We must be dreaming
20:30 - Spears from all sides

Waving two flags

In the Devil's Garden

Bloody Phanek

Subjective Knowledge

of the Circles

Eliamani's Homestead

After Prayers

What the Wind Took Away

We must be Dreaming

Spears from All Sides

Subota 15.6



14:00 I am Golden Karen

15:23 Risky

15:35  A long journey for the first steps

15:50 Pause

16:00 Lecture - Igor Coko

17:00 The Dry docks

17:50 Making a living in a Dry season

18:30 Etnoscopy (Q&A)

19:15 Stone drywall building workshop in Komiža

19:30 Between Islam and the Sacred Forest (Q&A)

20:45 -Banker for the Poor 

I am Golden Karen


A Long Journey for

the First Steps

The Dry Docks

Making a Living in a Dry Season

Etnoscopy (Q&A)

Stone Drywall building

workshop in Komiža

Between Islam and

the Sacred Forest (Q&A)

Banker for the Poor 

(special program)

Nedelja 16.6



16:00 Presentation of Visual Anthropology Center - VAC

17:00 Lecture - Vanja Ristić

18:10 Food Anarchy

18: 20 A three-act Pork Tragedy (Q&A)

19:00 The Juggler

19:30 Dragana Džapić -Heroina iz kraja (Q&A)

19:50 Come back bar

20:10 Closing Ceremony - Winners announcement

20:20 Screening of Winner movies

Food Anarchy

A three-act Pork Tragedy


The Juggler

Dragana Džapic-

Heroina iz Kraja (Q&A)

Come back bar

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