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Become part of the Fellowship of Questions!

Call for video contributions


The Fellowship of Question is aimed at building bridges and connecting diverse people through critical thinking. As one of our activities  we are making a video. A real fellowship video that will include different people all over Europe in one video work.
We want to give people a space to express what they feel most worried or passionate about rather than topics imposed by politicians, media, and others. We want to encourage them to talk about their dilemmas, uncertainties, curiosities, and social vulnerabilities often ignored in societies as something shameful and negative.


That is why we want your voice and thoughts to be heard too!


Become a co-author of FoQ video in 3 steps!


  1. Record a video of yourself posing a question/s in your own language about things that really bother you, that are connected to your curiosity, problems, local/global situation, perplexities and dilemmas. 

  2. Upload a video on a cloud. 

  3. Submit a video link through the form you can find here: 



  • video should be recorded in the landscape mode

  • you can use phone, video camera or other devices but frame ratio should be 16:9 

  • submit your video before 5th July 2021, 23.00 CET


Tip: You don't have to make a special set up for it, on the contrary, we would prefer to have you in your ordinary surroundings


If you have further questions write to:


Discover more about the Fellowship of Questions project and activities on our social media channels:  Facebook, Instagram.

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