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Anthropological film night in Belgrade - Open call for - Short four in Kosmodrom

March 14, 2018

Dear filmmakers and young researchers all around the globe,

 “Anthropological film  - Kosmodrom” is an  independent screening project dedicated to the promotion of young visual anthropologists and other social engineers from Serbia. The main goal of AF events is to create a platform for networking and shaping the community of people all around the globe, working in between visual anthropology, visual sociology and documentary film.  We believe that the future of anthropological film lies in the student film and its innovative methods and approaches, auto-ethnographical challenges and long-term detailed film projects. We want these projections to encourage other young enthusiasts to step out of their academic hive (in which only scientific works

are considered relevant anthropological work) and take the camera as their research tool.


Motivated by this inter-disciplinary need, we are happy to announce an open-call for short ethnographic movies (up to 25 mins)


The four short movies will be selected for the next the Anthropological film night in Dorćol national theatre on 27th of March 2018. at 19h. After every movie, moderators of projection night will contact author/s of the movie through Skype, so the audience can give comments or ask questions for the author/s. (Optional, authors are not obliged to be online in a period of movie projection)

When visiting a film screening, all members of the audience will be handed out a voting card.Attendees are invited to "vote" for the film by leaving their ticket stubs in voting box inside the theatre after the projection of all 4 movies.  A movie that has the highest rate among the others, will be the winner.


The call is addressed to a wide range of researchers and practitioners including young academics, visual anthropologists, visual sociologists, artists, musicians, dancers and movement researchers, cognitive scientists, philosophers, and inventors. Our goal is to draw attention to talented youngsters who are trying to succeed in many forms and methods in domain of visual anthropology.


Deadline for submission: 21st March 2018


To take part in the selection, please send us following materials by email – antropviz@gmail.com:


– films up to 25 mins (as a link or file in MPEG, MP4 or AVI format; please use WeTransfer.com and don’t attach the file in the email)

-synopsis of a movie (4-8 sentences)

-short biography of author/s or production team

- 2 pictures (in attachment in JPEG or PNG; one picture of author and one screenshot from the movie)


No fee is required for submission or selection.

Rewards for winner movie will be announced soon

All applicants will receive a confirmation email.


About us


The "Vizantrop" collective emerged as a platform for the association of regional and international (audiovisual) anthropologists, documentaries, artists and all those interdisciplinary researchers dealing with film and photography-

We are a group of anthropologists, ethnologists and sociologists from Belgrade and Zagreb who are organizing a bi-monthly journal for interdisciplinary audiovisual research, visual anthropology and ethnographic film. Our goal is to launch an audiovisual lab, which will produce scientific works, films, video attachments, photographic diaries, and more.

The collective "Vizantrop" consists of: Relja Pekić, Nina Mladenović, Nina Šašić, Milica Ivić, Anđela Dostanić, Marija Mrkić, Marija Vukšić, Sara Simić

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